Friday, October 30, 2009

Wine Storage Cabinet for Wine Cellar (Progress)

Wine Storage Unit 001

I have a neat and exciting job!  I am currently building a section of a wine storage unit for a client who has a wine cellar.  The wine storage cabinets are made into three separate sections for the specific room they are going in.  This room will be equipped with a refrigeration system in order to keep the wine bottles at the optimal temperature. 

Wine Storage Unit 002

I will be updating you on the progress of this job as we go along.  Please send questions, if you have any!

Until Next Time,

Mark Weber

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weber's Cabinets Custom Made End Grain Cutting Board

End Grain Cutting Board

Would you like a hand crafted chopping block for your kitchen counter?  This is a sample of what we can custom make for you.  This chopping block is randomly patterned which makes each cutting board unique.  It is made with cherry and maple lumber and the end grain on the top and bottom.  The end grain block lasts longer and usually restauranters and cooks purchase these for their durability and long lasting effects.  Look for this chopping block in our new store on our website and you can have one too.  Pricing starts at 155.00 plus shipping and handling.

  Until Next Time,

Mark Weber

Monday, October 19, 2009

Connecting a Mantle with an Entertainment Center

EC with Fluting & Mantle

This photograph was taken just after we installed the entertainment center and mantle.  This cabinet and mantle were made with cherry wood and the finish was the color choice of the homeowners.  This is a fantastic example of how you can incorporate your mantle next to your entertainment unit.  A lot of new homes in the central valley have open niches right next to the fireplace and it leaves homeowners questioning what to do with the space.  Weber's Cabinets always has new design ideas that go with your home and decor taste.

Until the next project,

Mark Weber

Friday, October 9, 2009

Arched Entertainment Center

Do you have an empty alcove with an arch-just waiting for the right piece of furniture to fit in it?  There are a lot of open niches in new homes and homeowners are having to find a custom cabinet maker to build cabinetry to fit perfectly into their alcove. 

This picture is an example of an alcove that had an arch in it.  We built the arch from a handmade template that we actually traced from the wall.  When I make my own pattern I can be sure that the cabinet will slide in perfectly and fit in the alcove like it was always there.  This entertainment center was made out of cherry wood and we finished it to match the existing cabinetry in the clients home.  As you can see the client preferred that we make storage on the sides of the TV instead of opting for pocket doors that would cover the TV when not in use.  Please if you have any questions about this job or what Weber's Cabinets can do for you, email me!

   Mark Weber-@

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Home Office Cabinetry


Have you ever wanted a office of your very own in your own home?  After my kids left the house I did, and I turned my sons room into an office.  I also put a TV in there for good measure.  I designed the office to be accomodating for my wife and I to use the computer condusively if we wanted to and to be able to watch TV and sit in a recliner.  This picture is of an office in a Del Webb model home in Lincoln, California.  We have built many different types of home offices over the years some to accomodate younger children, others for the newly empty nesters.  Whatever your ideas are on how to turn a spare bedroom or alcove into an office we have many suggestions for you. 

Until Next Time,

Mark Weber

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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Cabinet Magic

Homax 50331015 Magic Complete Cabinet & Wood, 17-Ounce Aerosol Spray

This is a great product to use to clean your cabinetry. Even if you have never properly cleaned your cabinets before, this product will make the wood look new and fresh. I recommend this products to all the clients that purchase cabinetry from me for maintaining a beautiful finish on their cabinets.