Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Need to Replace Your Breadboard?

If you are like many people you may use your breadboard every day. This usage causes cuts and scratches to the wood and over time can create a chopped up look.  The breadboard can be rubbed with mineral oil to revive it's grain and washed with light soap and warm water.  Be sure to dry it quickly, because you do not want water soaking into your wood for long periods of time.  If you have a breadboard made out of lumber the water can cause the breadboard to warp or swell in size.

Many times breadboards are made of maple plywood with a lumber front attached that is finished.  Depending on the grade of plywood, your board should last for 20 years or so.  If Weber's Cabinets remade your breadboard with the maple plywood we use I can guarantee that usage of time.  Some customers want their breadboards remade with solid lumber, and this is a pretty alternative.  Lumber is the actual wood material with no fillers like plywood so this will make the board last even longer.  The cost for the lumber is more expensive, but the 30 year lasting factor weighs out the difference in plywood material.  Either material works well as long as your cabinetmaker uses a high grade plywood or lumber.  Just make sure by asking about what grade lumber and plywood they purchase. 

If you have a breadboard that needs replacing, email or call Weber's Cabinets for a quote.

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  1. April, Thank you for the tips on cleaning my breadboard.
    JR Nuerge