Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to Revive Your Cabinetry and Make it Look New

If you like your cabinetry finish color, this article can teach you how to refinish your cabinets to make them look new.  Lacquer breaks down on wood and it shows after 10 years of cabinetry use.  You will see the damage on the cabinetry as white age spots.  Severe damage on lacquered cabinets will actually show the bare wood.  So lets get to it!

Step 1:  You need to remove all doors, hinges, and knobs on your cabinetry.  

Step 2:  When the damaged finish is extreme you will have to strip down the entire door to bare wood.  You will need to sand the door with a slightly heavier hand all over.  If damage is minimal you can sand LIGHTLY the entire door and frame with 220 grit dry sandpaper.  Be careful not to sand through the stain when you start with minimal damage.  Also watch the edges and corners because you can sand through the finish quite easily in those places. 

Step 3:  After sanding wipe down doors and frames with tack cloth to remove all the dust. 

Step 4:  Find the same color stain that was used on your cabinets and lightly rub it on the doors and frames.  After rubbing the stain on, wipe it off with a finish cloth. 

Step 5:  You will now need to get a polyurethane and brush it on the doors and frames.  After 24 hours letting your cabinets dry you will need to repeat steps 2 to 5. 

By following these steps you can revive your old cabinetry and make it look new!

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