Thursday, September 24, 2009

How Do You Get a Cabinet to Fit Under a Slanted Wall?

Some houses built in the 1980's had the trademark for slanted ceiling areas, especially in the upstairs.  Just like this one, we built linen storage cabinetry to fit into the slanted area and made it look like it was meant to be there.  Custom cabinets show our best work and this is one of those.


Ask the Cabinetmaker-Mark Weber


  1. Beautiful work! Would love to see the inside also.
    JR Nuerge

  2. To get a cabinet to fit under a slanted wall. We first measure the area and
    draft a cad plan. The next step we review the plans with the customer. Make
    changes if necessary, if everything is OK we make shop copies to build the
    cabinet. With a slanted cabinet most of the time we make a cardboard
    pattern. After we make the pattern we construct the cabinet. When done we
    slide the cabinet into place. Thank You , Mark