Saturday, August 22, 2009

To Refinish or Not? That is the question.

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen?  Do you plan to buy new appliances and put in new counter tops?  Are you thinking of saving money by refinishing your existing cabinets?  You might want to investigate whether or not you actually will save money by refinishing. 

Refinishers are making a big turnout during this time in our economic season and that is because it seems to cost less to refinish your cabinets than buying new ones.  If you can refinish your cabinets yourself you can, and will save a lot of money.  But if you decide to hire someone else to strip and refinish your cabinets you are going to pay a hefty price for it.  Refinishers will also offer you to change the style of your doors which can change the entire look for your cabinets, but that will also add to the cost.  If you have ever stripped down any type of wood furniture you know the time and energy it takes, and that it is not easy.  That is why it does cost a lot to have someone strip and refinish your cabinets.  If your cabinets are in good shape, you like the design, and you are not putting on new countertops I would definately suggest refinishing because it will save you money. 

If you are going to put in new countertops and new appliances I would definately suggest getting a quote for refinishing your cabinets versus ripping out the old and bringing in the new.  You might be surprised! 

-Look for my video coming up next week where I talk about a refinishing project of my own!

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