Friday, July 31, 2009

Custom Cabinet Plans

Do you need a plan or spec sheet of a project you want to build?  Would you like to get accurate estimates for your pending job?  If you have a plan and spec sheet you will essentially be telling the cabinet maker exactly what you want in your cabinets.  These plans will give you a precise idea of what is involved and you can get an apples for apples approach to your bidding process.  We suggest these plans if you want to build the cabinets yourself, if you want to compare estimates, or if you want to make it easier for a local cabinet maker to build your project.  



This example of plans are for a built in entertainment center unit and a built in bookcase unit.  All plans are provided to the client for authorization before they are put into the shop. 


This is the colored picture to give the client an idea of how their cabinets will look in the space.  Although these plans are specific, when the real cabinets are installed the "wow" factor really shows up. 

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