Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Installation of Wine Storage Cabinet

Yesterday we installed a custom cabinet in the entry way of a home.  This cabinet is for wine storage.  If you notice we added flutting to the styles on each side of the cabinet.  The decorative corbels are underneath the top shelf to give it a formal appeal.  The finish is white with a Minwax glaze over the top and then sealed with clear coat.  The classic crown at the top highlights the top of the cabinet.  On the bottom area on each side of the wine cooler there are pullouts for wine bottle storage.  The backsplash is a beveled mirror in order to make the space seem bigger.  The glass doors above are made with a beveled edge to match the mirror.  The entire installation took about 5 hours.  
Biehl Wine Storage 11

Biehl Wine Storage 3

Biehl Wine Storage 4 

Biehl Wine Storage 5


 Keep posted so you can see the end result after the granite top is installed along with the refrigerator.
Mark Weber


  1. Beautiful cabinet, How much wine will it hold.
    Ellen . Thanks for the question, The wine refrigerator cabinet holds about 25 bottles , and the small pullouts on each side will hold 6 bottles and what ever the customer will put on the top shelf for display. Mark

  2. HI.....just wanted you to hear from the homeowner about my wine cabinet. First of all, if Mark can't answer a question, there is no solution. I can't wait for the granite top to be installed very shortly. One extra nice feature Mark came up with was to bring the wine cooler out a few inched past the side storage cabinets on each side. This reveal is repeated in the upper cabinets to accent each focal point. I love when I get details and the grape corbels are to die for. We plan to get another grape decor piece to add at the top space above the upper cabinet glass doors. I selected the Vinotemp wine cooler in stainless that hold 52 bottles WITH pull out racks. That was a must for me so I can see any bottles, the same way Mark designed the pull outs for dry storage, that also holds another 8 bottles. Who wants to search for that special bottle? Mark made cut outs for each bottle to sit so no clanking there. This is just in a small space of 3 1/2 feet, so anyone can get a little "wow" factor.